Power Data and Office Lighting London

The most important aspect of any office or workspace is light, although natural light is best where possible getting the correct lighting levels is absolutely critical to the wellbeing of your workforce and creating a attractive workspace where your employees can thrive and be productive.

Environmentally Friendly LED and Warm Tone Lighting

Breakthroughs in LED lighting in the last ten years have made them the go to solution for any lighting applications in a commercial environment. Now becoming increasingly affordable and cheap to run when compared with traditional lighting; they are available in just about every application and can even have a built inĀ  facility to switch from a bright white light to a warmer tone when required.

When incorporated into a suspended ceiling they can transform any office environment

Energy and Cost Saving Office Lighting Solutions

Improved levels of lighting can have an instant impact on your working environment & can also save you money, with the improvements in LED technology reducing your power bills as well as cutting your maintenance requirements with LED fittings typically lasting 50,000 hrs.

As your business grows and the use of your office space transforms, so will your need for power and data to be provided to your workstations. This is relatively easy to do especially if you have raised computer flooring.

Communications Improve with Technology

We are able to install media walls in your boardroom allowing you to have face to face conferences with your clients anywhere in the world, projectors can be fitted onto the ceiling with screens that slide out of the ceilings for presentations or training. Technology is moving so fast in these areas that it’s a strong consideration to upgrade whenever possible.

Cables, CAT 5 and Cat 6 NIC Installed

With each passing year your power & data requirement will change, we can take care of this for you working with your IT, installing CAT 5, CAT 6 cables as required, testing & certificating all works as well as giving ongoing maintenance, with all power installations being carried by a NIC approved contractor.

Office refurbishment London West End Office Glass partitions glazed walls suspended ceilings EC1,EC2,EC3,EC4,E1,WC1,WC2,W1,N1 and SE1
London West End Office Glass partitions Office refurbishment glazed walls suspended ceilings EC1,EC2,EC3,EC4,E1,WC1,WC2,W1,N1 and SE1