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August 24, 2023
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8 Must-Have Components for Your Office Refurbishment

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8 Must-Have Components for Your Office Refurbishment

Investing in an office refurbishment can transform your workspace beyond what you thought was possible. Our office refurbishment services in the UK have been rated highly due to their many benefits, which can significantly enhance your business.


The perfect office space requires optimal lighting, soundproofing, and a modern air conditioning system that can save your business thousands of pounds annually. A functional workspace is no longer enough for employees; they require a relaxing breakout room to recharge.


Ergonomic furniture and fully functional shower and restroom facilities provide a home-away-from-home feel for those who cycle to work. The atmosphere in the workplace has changed, and office refurbishments should reflect these changes.


More than a kettle in a kitchen nook is required; employees expect more. The kitchen should cater to those who bring their lunch from home and have barista-style coffee facilities, which are provided in surroundings that promote productivity and relaxation.


Bike storage and electric charging points for electric bikes and scooters are essential, as is the use of innovative technology throughout the office space. If you thought a successful office refurbishment was about splashing magnolia paint around, think again.


The best part is that an office upgrade can save your business money in the long term and boost productivity as a bonus, which is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Here are ten must-have components for your office refurbishment.

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Must-Have Components for Your Office Refurbishment

  1. Lighting

Asking how we can create a healthy office space using lighting is an excellent start towards supporting the well-being and productivity of employees. The right balance between white and yellow light, overhead and task lighting, and clear paths for natural light are critical aspects of excellent office design that can positively impact how employees think, feel and work. 

To support your staff’s well-being and boost focus, it’s essential to prioritise lighting solutions conducive to a healthy work environment. That sounds like a plan, but what does that mean in real terms?

Exposure to natural light or light that mimics real light can positively impact your health inside and outside the workplace. A Cornell University study demonstrated that common office-related ailments like eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision are reduced by over 84% with proper lighting in a workspace.

Besides the practical, a well-designed office can efficiently utilise natural light by carefully considering visibility paths and implementing blinds, awnings and tinted glass. Tinted glass can also help with climate control (more on that later). Different industries have unique lighting requirements, but access to natural light has proven to increase productivity, improving employee well-being as a welcome side effect.

Ensure your office uses the most energy-efficient light fittings, LEDs with smart motion-activated switches that turn off the light when the office is empty. Light might sound insignificant, but it is a major consideration if you refurbish your office space in London or the home counties.

2. Soundproofing

While open-plan offices have been trending in recent years, they are not for everyone. Are you tired of the constant chatter in the office? It’s accurate to say open-plan designs foster teamwork and can save costs, but the noise levels can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are ways to reduce office noise, create a more tranquil work environment and keep the peace.

Soundproofing an office space is critical because, apart from creating a quiet work environment, soundproofing can help eliminate traffic noise or the commotion created by your colleagues during their downtime. Constant interruptions from the outside world can be incredibly frustrating and time-wasting, affecting productivity.

Without proper soundproofing, noise can penetrate through walls, ceilings and doors, making it impossible to concentrate on your work. So, if you want to boost your workflow and maintain a peaceful work environment, soundproofing your office is a must-have feature.

So, what are the materials needed for soundproofing your office refurbishment? The materials required depend on what environment you’re creating during the refurb. Are you trying to block noise from one place to another? Here are three main options when soundproofing an office:

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 Carpet and upholstery 

Using carpet and upholstery is a highly effective way to soundproof your office. While hardwood floors are lovely to look at, they are very noisy. You can use carpet runners in the main walkways to cover only some of the office floor with carpet. 

Large pieces of upholstery, armchairs and sofas in the breakroom or around the office will help to absorb noise and make the space feel welcoming and cosy.

Sound masking

Sound masking actually adds noise to cancel other noise out. Adding noise in the same frequency range as outside noise can effectively soundproof your office. White noise is used to cover up the outside noise, creating a peaceful and distraction-free work environment. 

Just be sure to have a lot of noise covering all frequencies for the best results – otherwise, just two sounds will cancel each other out. There is a method in this madness, but sound masking is an art that we have mastered for our clients who require office refurbishment in London and the home counties.

Acoustic panels and acoustic curtains 

Acoustic panels are the best option for soundproofing an office. These panels are designed to absorb sound, not just cover it up. Acoustic panels are perfect for soundproofing your new office space because they reduce sound by up to 80%.

However, acoustic panels must be installed by a professional. Acoustic curtains are a more accessible option and have a dramatic soundproofing effect. If you have a high street location, acoustic curtains might answer your noise problems.

  1. Adequate Climate Control

The correct office temperature is vital; it is too hot, and the employees will feel sluggish and unproductive, but too cold, and the environment becomes uncomfortable. The temperature inside a building is a crucial aspect of the indoor environment. It can be managed to a certain extent based on the office structure, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

According to a study from Berkley University, office temperature impacts human responses, including thermal comfort, perceived air quality, symptoms of sick building syndrome, and work performance. The study focuses on how temperature affects performance in office work.

The results indicate that performance increases with temperature up to 21-22 °C and decreases above 23-24 °C. The maximum productivity is achieved at a temperature of around 22 °C. For instance, a room temperature of 30 °C produces a performance that is just over 91.% of the maximum, which means that the reduction in performance is 8.9%.

Fresh air can affect the temperature in an office cheaply and stimulate human responses positively. An office refurbishment should include installing windows that open.

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  1. Showers and restrooms

Office showers and updated restroom facilities are yet to be the norm, but having them available could lure talent to your company. A Glassdoor survey found that for some employees, having shower facilities will influence whether or not they take a job. And it’s also something companies are thinking about when they take on an office refurbishment project.

As more and more companies encourage employees to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work, it is now vital that staff have somewhere safe and clean to shower, wash and change before starting their day.

In just over three years, showering facilities have increased tenfold in London and the home counties, proving more and more employees returning to work after the pandemic expect more from their employees than just a toilet and hand basin.

  1. Breakout spaces 

A decent breakout space comes with very high priorities on a list of employee requirements. Comfortable and well-thought-out breakout areas are a great place for employees to take time away from their screens and unwind from the day’s stress. 

You can use breakout spaces for spur-of-the-moment or informal meetings. It’s important to provide different types of seating, such as canteen chairs or multipurpose chairs around a central table, with sofas and comfortable seating.

It has been proven that productivity is increased when employees enjoy some downtime. Breakout spaces can offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of the office, but they should only contain the kitchen if you are stuck for space.

Kitchens these days must provide a modern, clean area for lunches to be prepared and home-bought food reheated. Food smells can interrupt the office environment, so designers tend to place kitchens away from workspaces and breakout areas.

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  1. Sensitive décor

Sensitive décor might sound ridiculous, but it is a fact that we are affected by our surroundings, which is why doctors and dentists will promote a white, clean interior design with simple furniture.

How an office space is decorated conveys a story to the clients and employees and can affect how that organisation works and how successful they are at retaining both employees and clients. Professional workspace designers say colour is crucial in creating a perfect workspace environment. 

Designers understand that colour can impact our thoughts and emotions, so they put a lot of effort into creating a suitable colour scheme and tailoring it to the specific business during the office refurbishment. For example, neutral and blue shades are calming and enhance concentration, while yellow can stimulate creativity and thought. 

But that’s not all – colour can also significantly affect how we perceive a space. For instance, using dark colours in a compact area can make it look even smaller. That’s why flex office designers carefully choose a mix of bold and neutral shades to create the perfect workspace colour palette.

  1. Ergonomic furniture 

Ergonomic office furniture is a must in any refurbishment. A well-constructed office chair offers comprehensive support for your entire back, shoulders, head, neck, arms, and hips while maintaining the correct posture, ensuring proper alignment, eliminating strain and reducing lumbar pain.

Desk or workspaces that embrace ergonomic design allow the employee to work with the minimum amount of stress placed on the body by sitting down all day. Office refurbs often feature built-in standing desks and moveable solutions that allow staff members freedom to move while remaining productive.

As a bonus, by rearranging furniture and layout, you can optimise your office’s exposure to natural sunlight without significant infrastructure changes. Placing desks along the outer edge of the office can maximise the benefits of natural light, reduce sound pollution and create a positive space for the mind and body of every employee.

  1. Smart tech

When planning your office refurbishment, you must consider the wiring and logistics for smart screens. Smart screens have become an essential tool for businesses to improve collaboration in the age of hybrid work. These advanced technologies enable employees in different locations to connect and work together on shared tasks efficiently.

With features like background noise suppression, real-time translation, and automatic framing, smart screens enhance the overall video conferencing experience. These features ensure that virtual meetings run smoothly and effectively, promoting clarity and engagement among team members.

Smart tech applies to the environment as well as the equipment available to use. For example, installing sensors that control lighting, heating, and even watering plants at night can make a massive difference to the work environment’s productivity and will save money.

Green buildings use smart tech to maintain the office temperature and humidity. Occupancy sensors make intelligent decisions based on data. Occupancy sensors are critical to optimising space energy efficiency and employee comfort. Smart sensors automatically adjust lighting, heating, and ventilation systems by detecting real-time occupancy levels, enabling you to reduce energy waste. Smart tech also applies to security and smoke and water alarms. Our designers are well equipped to make the most of smart tech, and all of the above eight points that must be considered before you carry out your office refurbishment. 

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