Office and Commercial Flooring


Commercial flooring for offices has come a long way in the last 10 years, no longer is it about dull colours and durability the commercial flooring sector have added vibrant designs and innovative solutions to there ranges along with the more traditional solutions while remembering the practical requirements of office flooring.
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Carpet Tiles – Hardwearing and Versatile

Carpet tiles are a cost effective & versatile solution, easily maintained & replaced when damaged. Carpet Tiles also have acoustic benefits to an office which otherwise has hard surfaces on the walls and ceilings.
Office and commercial carpet tiles are particularly useful when used in conjunction with raised computer flooring, making the changes needed in power and data relatively easy when reconfiguring you desk or partition layout.

Vinyl and Laminate Flooring

Vinyl is a versatile hard wearing flooring, easily cleaned & particularly suitable for kitchens, tea points, canteens and toilet areas.

Modern and Vibrant Vinyl Floor Designs

Vinyl and laminate flooring a synthetic material was traditionally  seen as the poor relation to wood and ceramic tile flooring, but now with the vibrant designs available especially with vinyl flooring we are seeing them used more often and to greater effect especially within the younger tech industry and smaller start up companies.
London West End Office Glass partitions Office refurbishment glazed walls suspended ceilings EC1,EC2,EC3,EC4,E1,WC1,WC2,W1,N1 and SE1
London West End Office Glass partitions Office refurbishment glazed walls suspended ceilings EC1,EC2,EC3,EC4,E1,WC1,WC2,W1,N1 and SE1

Durable and Eyecatching Flooring in London

Initial Interiors demonstrate 20 years’ experience in all aspects of flooring design and fitting, from commercial carpet tiles, vinyl/laminate and superior engineered wood flooring.

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Projects of all sizes

Some of the jobs we do are minor re-designs of existing office spaces, but we also do complete fit outs to new, large office buildings. The size of the job doesn’t matter to us; the service will be the same. We are efficient, professional, extremely detailed and competitively priced.

Engineered Wood Office Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is natural & visually appealing, with modern manufacturing techniques improving the quality and range available.

Receptions and Boardroom Floors

Engineered wood flooring gives the appearance of solid wood flooring but is much more stable and suitable for the office environment.
Although relatively expensive when compared to other options used conservatively in the reception or a meeting room it certainly makes a impression to your visiting clients.

Ceramic tiles or marble flooring

Again  these are expensive compared to other options, but a tiled or marble floor in your reception as well as being easy to clean and maintain create a great impression and are the only considered option to the lobby in the majority of office blocks.

Affordable Flooring – Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on exceptional prices for a high quality of service. Clients come to us and forge solid relationships that result in repeat business, as we are proud to provide the service we do at an exceptionally competitive price.

We believe in fair pricing, and in accordance with our pledge of transparency, we provide detailed price breakdowns so that you can see exactly where your money is being spent.