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March 15, 2023
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How to to Capitalise on Your London Office Refurbishment

How to Capitalise on your London Office refurbishment

How to Capitalise on Your London Office Refurbishment

As London’s property market evolves, warehouse and building conversions are becoming popular for many businesses looking to expand their operations. We can plan your office refurbishment in London in a way that opens up the opportunity to reap maximum value from unused space.

Whether you are looking for ways to capitalise on your existing premises or bring a space up to modern standards suitable for commercial use, refurbishing your office in London can provide an excellent return on investment.

At Initial Interiors, we understand the importance of office refurbishments or fit-outs. We have extensive experience in helping businesses to transform their existing space into something that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

An office refurbishment in London should reflect your brand and vision while at the same time providing comfortable working conditions for employees.

From selecting unique interior design features to incorporating better facilities for tenants and staff, London office refurbishment offers businesses a wide range of benefits.

We offer free cost quotations for jobs of all sizes, whether you require minor works or a complete refurbishment of your existing or new office space. 

Call 020 8938 3893 to discuss your project with us today, whether you are a tenant, landlord or designer looking to source a dependable team with 20 years of experience.

Making London Office Refurbishments Eco-Friendly

When it comes to office fit-outs in London, many businesses are now looking at ways to become more eco-friendly. By installing energy-saving lights, sensors and AI-controlled heating and electricity use, you can create a sustainable working environment that is kinder to the planet.

Not only will such measures help reduce your business’s carbon footprint, but they will also save you money in the long run. An office refurbishment with eco-friendly measures can significantly increase your business’s efficiency and reduce costs.

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How to Capitalise on Your London Office Refurbishment

Many older office buildings have space that could be used more effectively but may not be suitable for traditional commercial use. An office refurbishment package can be a great way to capitalise on this unused space and turn it into something that benefits your business.

For example, you could convert the space into smaller units or flexible working spaces. Creating flexible spaces would allow you to rent the space to multiple tenants or use it yourself. You could also install shared amenities and create an area where your staff can relax and socialise.

How to Incorporating Better Facilities for Tenants, Staff and Visitors

When it comes to your office refurbishments in London, you should focus on creating a working environment that is both comfortable and productive. Upgrading existing facilities and introducing new ones can help attract tenants and staff alike.

Proactive office refurbishments allow businesses to create an environment conducive to success, from installing glass partitions and bespoke office furniture to providing access to free high-speed Wi-Fi.

Consider adding light reflective glass instead of air conditioning and investing in a new air quality system or green wall. All of these measures will make your London office refurbishment an attractive proposition for companies looking for progressive office space in London.

By incorporating better facilities for tenants, staff, and visitors, the London office refurbishment can make your premises more attractive and welcoming.

Consider Investing in Crèche Facilities

Quality childcare is hard to find, and attracting the right tenants or staff to your building needs to be accommodating and offer practical solutions to modern problems. Consider creating a space dedicated to childcare. This could be a crèche facility or a dedicated playroom with toys and activities for children of all ages.

Most crèche facilities are on the ground floor with access to safe outside space, designed to be safe and secure while bright and friendly. A crèche is particularly useful for getting skilled staff to return to work.

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Capitalise on Unused Outside Space

Unused outside space is as vital as interior space when considering your office refurbishments. By capitalising on unused outdoor space, you can create a lively atmosphere that will attract visitors and give staff a place to relax and socialise.

From installing outdoor seating to creating an urban garden space and secure parking for cycles and electric bikes, inclusive indoor/outdoor office refurbishments can help you make the most of your unused outdoor space.

Converting Your Parking or Garage Space for Electric Vehicles

The tide is turning, and we predict that electric vehicles will soon be the only private transport in London. Therefore, it’s worth considering converting garage spaces into electric charging stations.

These can be easily installed with minimal disruption within your office refurbishment. Providing charging points for electric vehicles can make your office refurbishment in London a desirable proposition for tenants looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Investing in Your Office Refurbishment

An office refurbishment in London is an investment that should not be taken lightly. Office re-fits take a lot of time and effort to bring a space up to modern standards suitable for commercial use, so getting the help you need from experienced professionals is essential.

At Initial Interiors, we understand the importance of your office refurbishment and offer our clients comprehensive design, project management and installation services. With decades of experience in the London office refurbishment industry, our experts can help you get the most out of your office refurbishment project.

We are here to provide advice and support throughout your office upgrade journey, ensuring you have all the tools and resources needed to succeed.

Final Thoughts on London Office Refurbishment

Your office refurbishment is an opportunity to transform your existing space into something more functional and attractive. Not only can you reap maximum value from unused space, but you can also create an environment conducive to success.

By incorporating modern technologies and eco-friendly measures such as light reflective glass, air quality systems, a heat pump and green walls, you can make your London office refurbishment a desirable destination for tenants looking for progressive office space in London.

How to Capitalise on Your London Office Refurbishment

Contact us today to learn more about office refurbishments in London and how Initial Interiors can help capitalise on your premises. We want to hear from you if your office fit-out or refurbishment is in London EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, E1, and WC1, WC2, W1, N1, SE1 and the home counties.



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