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September 1, 2022
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January 9, 2023

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Does London need more new buildings? Shouldn’t we re-figure the buildings standing empty? Re-fit or refurbish might be the way forward. Read on to discover a team of independent, skilled contractors have become a serious success in 20 years of teamwork, led by Project Manager, Tim Griffiths.

London Office Refurbishments – The Ever Changing Face of London

London is constantly changing, with new buildings popping up all the time. But is it necessary to build more with so many empty office blocks?

Interior designers are taking a radical approach to planning permission and changing the use of buildings. Empty office blocks are being given a makeover, turned into luxury apartments or mixed-use buildings that include flexible working spaces, retail and pleasure facilities. It’s an exciting solution to the problem of London’s empty office space, which could breathe new life into the city.

City of London – A Skyline of Offices

London Office RefurbishmentContractors Independent Fit Out Subcontractors Glass PartitionsSeptember 2022: London is about to get a new skyscraper. The 60-storey building, which developers plan to be the tallest in the city, is currently in consultation, but if the City of London authority grants consent, the building will overshadow The Gherkin.

The developers will have to jump over several hurdles for the building to get the go-ahead. It’s no longer good enough to build indiscriminately—considerations about the building’s environmentally impact features are high on the list.

The building at 55 Bishopsgate will be one of the first all-electric skyscraper buildings in London and the UK. Technological advances exist to make this happen, but architects often don’t use them in construction because of financial constraints. If the building gets the green light, it will be a landmark moment for sustainable architecture in London.

What does this mean for London’s numerous vacant office buildings? Will they get a fresh start, or will they all continue to be unwanted and unloved? Londoners aware of the city’s continual change ask these questions, but the skyline has changed before they get an answer.

London E1 – Evolution and Eco Friendly

One of the oldest postcode areas in London is E1 covering Aldgate, Bishopsgate, Shadwell, Stepney, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Mile End, Brick Lane, Wapping and Whitechapel. It’s an area that has seen a lot of changes over the years, especially recently.

The E1 postcode covers a large area of East London, including some of the most deprived areas in the capital and some of the most affluent. In the past, it was an area known for its docks and warehouses, but today it’s a very different place.

The 2017 Netflix series Taboo, starring Tom Hardy, features a house with a dubious past – 37 Stepney Green. In the 18th century, so rumour has it, no 37 was a brothel. Unhappy ghosts are said to haunt the corridors.

Once owned by the Chairman of the East India Company (Nicolas Charrington), a community housing association now owns the house, proving how much Whitechapel has moved on.

Richmond-On-Thames Co-working Spaces

In the leafy Royal Borough of Richmond-On-Thames, changes are afoot in the old Dickens and Jones building. The online discussions we have seen say that the Sheen Lane Developments owners will transform the previously owned Arcadia building into a modern co-working space.

The building, designed in a modernist style and completed in 1968, was bought by the company and investors for over £44 million. It’s thought that the new development will include coffee shops, meeting rooms, private offices, flexible co-working spaces and even a gym.

Richmond is just one example of how London’s office space is changing to meet the needs of modern workers. With more and more people working flexibly, remotely or from home, businesses must provide workable spaces that cater to these needs.

It’s not just about working flexibly; it’s about having somewhere to go to focus and be productive. These new co-working spaces are popping up all over London, providing much-needed places for people to work in a city that is becoming increasingly expensive to live in and thrive.

West London Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building in the future

We love another example of sustainable building – the new apartments built at Brentford Community Stadium in West London. The residential buildings are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials and use up-to-date technology to reduce their carbon footprint.

The development includes 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments and 4-bedroom townhouses. To get permission to build, the architects and designers must meet high sustainability standards with features such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and natural ventilation. Not to mention a birdseye view of the pitch.

The Bee’s home ground is just one example of how London is changing to meet the needs of the 21st century. With a growing population and a demand for sustainable living, it’s clear that the city must adapt or face being left behind.

But what if you can’t start from scratch? Most companies don’t have the resources to completely redeveloped from the ground up. What can they do to make their buildings more sustainable?

There are lots of ways to make existing buildings more sustainable. For example, you could install solar panels or green roofs or retrofit the building with insulation. You could also change how you use energy by installing LED lighting or renewable energy sources.

An expert office refurbishment company will know what to do and how to do it.

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Time to Contact The Experts

The business of redeveloping is a minefield, with constantly changing regulations and restrictions. So why not keep what you have but re-design it for a current work-life balance? Call in the experts who know a thing or two about London office fit-outs.

Initial Interiors of London offers effective contracting, renovations, and fit-outs for offices and office buildings in the EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, and E1 areas of London’s West End. Don’t take us by our word. Why not look at the postcodes for WC1, WC2, W1, N1, and SE1 for more developments – see what we can accomplish for you by looking at our case studies and portfolio.

If you’re thinking of making your office more sustainable or easier to use, practical for modern needs, get in touch with us today.

We are always delighted to talk about how we can assist you in designing a place that works for you and your company.


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