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London Office Refurbishment – Eco Friendly Company in the City
January 9, 2023
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Independent Office Refurbishment Company London Sustainable Contractors
March 15, 2023

Office Refurbishment Contractors London – Modern Redesigns

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Get the office refit you need with Initial Interiors. We can help you to modernise your office space in line with the latest office design trends and keep your office up-to-date for a more efficient workspace.

Workspaces are constantly evolving, and office refurbishments enable companies to keep on top of the latest design trends and create a working environment that benefits employees and stakeholders.

Office refit London is about embracing new technologies, creating sustainable office spaces, and making workspaces travel-worthy. We cover all of London, Greater London, and most postcodes, including the West End, W1, WC1, WC2 to EC1-EC4, E1, so get in touch and find out how we can help revitalise your office space and make it travel-worthy.

Sustainable Tech, Smart Offices and Modern Workspace

Experts design today’s office refits with the latest innovations and technology in mind. Smart offices include automated lighting systems, smart thermostats, digital signage displays, and office automation solutions. Intelligent solutions can save time and money while providing an efficient workspace for employees. Companies have also started incorporating AI voice assistants into their office layouts to help streamline processes such as controlling lights or making calls.

Ways to Work Smarter in the City of London

The old ethics of the 80s (and Elon Musk) of working hard, never leaving the office, and sleeping under your desk are truly over – thank goodness. Now it’s all about working smarter, not harder, but how can you do this and still justify your wage packet?

Why not get an AI virtual assistant? Rather than spending time on mundane tasks, a virtual assistant can help free up time and energy for the more important things. Plus, they can remind you about meetings, take care of office admin, and even provide sound advice from their extensive experience (the internet).

You can even get a smart fridge for the break-out space to let your VA know when you’re running short on milk and coffee.

Making sure your office refurb can keep up with modern technology is the key to creating an office space that enables productivity, engagement and collaboration.

Sustainable Workplace for Energy Saving

Not only can office refurbishment help you create a more efficient office, but it can also make your office space greener. By incorporating sustainable office designs into office refits, companies can reduce their energy usage and create a better working environment for employees.

Sustainable building includes:

  • Using eco-friendly materials, such as recycled materials and FSC-certified wood.
  • Introducing plants (more on this subject later) into the workspace to improve air quality.
  • Investing in energy-efficient office equipment and lighting.

Creating Travel-Worthy Workspaces

Creating a travel-worthy office design is essential for businesses attracting top talent worldwide. Any office refit in London should focus on comfort and functionality while offering engaging workspaces that capture the business’s values.

Companies should look to office furniture companies such as Initial Interiors for office chairs, desks and office partitions that reflect their brand identity.

How can office design help make offices “travel-worthy”?

A well-designed office space is essential for attracting the best homegrown and international talent. To create a professional and travel-worthy office, consider adding comfortable seating areas, flexible workspaces, stylish lighting solutions and soundproofing materials.

Great design will provide a more inviting atmosphere for employees from around the world and make a difference in homegrown talent who prefer to separate their home life from work.

Here are a few things to consider…

  • Choose an office location that works for your business.
  • Provide usable amenities for employees, stakeholders and clients.
  • Offer flexible working arrangements to ensure the office space can be used innovatively.
  • Consider office aesthetics – make sure the destination is worth the travelling time. Invest in or build office furniture such as desks, chairs and office partitions that capture the vision of your business while providing comfortable workstations.
  • Finally, focus on introducing plants or outdoor space, even a living wall, into office refit London projects; they help improve air quality while adding a touch of green to any office space.

Following these tips will provide your company with an improved office design that is travel-worthy and ready for the future of work. With Initial Interiors’ expert team of designers, you can create an office project that reflects the values and

Atrium Trees and Green Living Walls for Nemophilists – Fabulous For Productivity

Nemophilists love being surrounded by nature – think lush greenery and natural light. Introducing office plants into office refits is a great way to create an enjoyable work environment for nemophilists and can help increase productivity.

Plants also improve air quality, reduce stress and provide employees with a healthier office environment – bringing the outdoors in has many benefits, including boosting mental health.

Office Refurbishment Contractors London Silicone Roundabout Glass Partitions Green Living Walls Sustainable (1)

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life

There’s so much you can do to entice employees back into the workplace by promoting healthy work-life starts at the front door of your office with office refurbishment.

For example, introducing safe and secure bike storage and installing showers and comfortable changing facilities can make a world of difference for office workers. Moreover, providing access to healthy snacks and drinks facilities in office refits will give employees a welcome break from the desk.


These small changes can make office refit London projects look more attractive for those returning to work – not only for your current workforce but also for potential hires.

How attractive and efficient work spaces inspire creativity

While the thought of working from home is appealing, it’s also true that WFH can kill creativity and office refits can help to address this. Companies can boost creativity and productivity by creating a workspace that inspires and motivates.

To inspire and motivate, office refits should focus on optimising natural light by introducing glass office partitions, adding artwork and bright colours to walls, introducing office plants for greenery and providing comfortable seating areas for break-out sessions. All these elements help create an inspiring office space which encourages employees to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.

Ultimately, office refurbishment has many benefits – from making your office sustainable to help you attract top talent to improving employee morale through attractive workspaces – so why not invest in one today? With Initial Interiors’ team of experienced office designers, you can create spaces suitable for nemophilists (and others who don’t have green fingers) and those who prefer the office environment rather than working from home.

London is a hub of innovation and creativity; its offices are no exception. Let’s look at London’s most unique office spaces, from plant-based lifestyle brands to MarTech companies. Keep reading, whether you’re looking for inspiration for your workspace or just curious about what it’s like to work in one of these offices.

The Shard – Working in the Clouds

London Office RefurbishmentContractors Independent Fit Out Subcontractors Glass PartitionsThe Shard is not just about overpriced restaurants and skyscraper views; it also offers some of London’s most impressive office space. It’s the tallest building in Europe with a 95 per cent occupancy rate – a testament to its draw as an iconic work location.

It is home to 32 companies across various industries, including energy, retail, technology and finance services. These businesses benefit from excellent transport links, high-speed internet and access to multiple amenities. Its stunning architecture, with views over London’s skyline, sets the Shard apart from other offices.

The office space features modern materials such as glass, steel and concrete. Visiting this office in person gives you an insight into how technology has been used to create a modern and efficient workspace.

Why we like the concept – Actually, we don’t love it, it’s predictable, and the location is the only thing going for it, expensive offices for hype rather than type.

Oatly – Plant-Based Lifestyle Brand

The Oatly headquarters is located in Smithfield, EC1A. Oatly’s open-plan workspace encourages employee collaboration while embracing their Swedish heritage through design elements like bright colours and geometric shapes throughout the space.

The centrepiece of this workspace is the “Oatly Bar,” which serves up freshly made oat milk lattes every morning to energise employees for the day ahead.

Why we like the concept – Oatly, maybe Swedish, but it’s nothing like Ikea. Bright and creative while staying on-brand, with lots of light wood and daylight, warm and welcoming.

The Batman Building – Clerkenwell

Sadly, if you’re expecting a bat cave, The Batman Building is not for you. However, this office space is undoubtedly batty in design (the outside, anyway).

Located in the heart of Clerkenwell, The Batman Building has been transformed into a Gotham City film set. The building has been in Inception and Sherlock Holmes, but that’s where the intrigue stops. Home to Amazon, the interior of this building could be more exciting and bring something to modern-day working practices.

The Batman building is centrally located, but that’s about all it has going for it; desperately in need of an office makeover, we won’t be spending our days here.

Why we love the concept – No, we dislike this building; the landlords rely on the films to big up it, but inside, it’s sad, tired, and desperate for office refurbishment; our bat phone is not ringing.

Rapha – Cycling Experts N1

Rapha, the iconic cycling brand, is home to an equally impressive building. Imperial Works in theLaszslo Building, just off Holloway Road in Archway, N1. As expected, the office is open-plan and in an old Victorian factory.

Raph also has public spaces called Clubhouses, which are usually attached to the retail arm of the business, which is how they present the company to their customers. The office space has tons of natural light, an open workspace and lots of cycling memorabilia, so it feels like a home away from home for any cyclist.

Why we like the concept – Bright light spaces and plenty of bike parking and storage.

Mindspace – Aldgate

Mindspace is a co-working set-up with a modern, minimal and relaxed style. Located in Aldgate East, the building is designed to inspire productivity through its spacious design. Walking through the door, you’ll find yourself surrounded by art and greenery. The staff are always friendly and willing to help with whatever task you have at hand.

The office space is also filled with natural light, perfect for work and relaxation. The vibe is upbeat and buzzy, as expected from a co-working space. There are plenty of breakout rooms, spaces to collaborate, and different areas where you can have meetings or focus on your work.

Why we like the concept – The open-plan layout and natural light, make it an inspiring space to get busy.

Mindful Chef – Healthy Recipe Boxes

This company specialises in healthy recipe boxes delivered straight to your door, with everything you need for a healthy meal (you still have to cook it). In South East London, Mindful Chef’s office has a MasterChef-style kitchen and an edible wall with nearly 100 plants. The office also has a four-legged friend-friendly environment, complete with doggy beds and toys.

Why we like the concept – The brand has embraced the plant-based ethos with a living wall and a natural colour palette throughout the space.

The Foundry – Vauxhall

The Foundry is an office space with a difference; situated close to Lord’s Cricket Ground, The Foundry offers a unique environment that is as relaxing as it is inspiring. With plenty of natural light, bright paintings and artwork in the hallways, you’ll feel instantly at ease in this inviting workspace.

The boundary offers individual office space to charities and non-profit organisations. Run by a charity for charitable concerns, this bright office space has outside areas on three levels and a roof terrace with views across the city.

Unique office spaces are abundant in London. What binds them all together is their creative space and inspirational atmosphere that keeps people motivated. If you are looking for the right amount of practical and imaginative offices, let The Foundry be your inspiration.

Why we like the concept – The mixture of brick, wood, and glass makes this building unique in the area, plus we love the charity for charities sake vibe.

Clevertouch – MarTech Company

Clevertouch is revolutionising how we work with their manufacturer of digital display technology and software/data solutions. Located in Alresford (Southern England) and South New Hampshire, their innovative business-focused breakout rooms offer a modern design with bright, colourful tones synonymous with the company brand.

Strategically constructed to incorporate high-end technological advancements – such as presentation hooks, voice control systems, and advanced camera systems – these spaces are ideal for informal and formal meetings. If you’re searching for an effective workspace tailored to your needs, look no further than Clevertouch for inspiration.

Why we like the concept – the high-tech feel to the office space buys in with the brand and helps employees get into the zone when they hit their desks.

Nexus Cloud – Modern Tech that has no boundaries

The modern convenience of Nexus Cloud rivals any other company on the market. Located in East London, employees are greeted with technology at its height, featuring teleconferencing rooms for simplified communication across boundaries and flexible scheduling to keep productivity high.

Despite the hustle and bustle of a typical work environment, Nexus Cloud has taken elements from nature to ensure comfort is a priority – green walls create an oasis that helps ground its occupants while they continue their work.

With people being so connected to technology lately, having an office space reminiscent of a lush oasis is welcomed by many who frequent this state-of-the-art urban retreat. It’s no wonder everyone’s running to get in on what Nexus Cloud offers.

Why we like the concept – Nexus Cloud is in the heart of trendy Smithfield and continues the on-trend vibe in its offices while remaining cool and contemporary.

London has some of the world’s most vibrant and exciting office spaces. Whether you’re looking for a traditional workspace, a modern tech haven or an iconic landmark – there’s something here to suit every taste. With so many incredible options, London businesses have plenty of inspiring spaces to work.

If your office space is missing that particular something, that means you have vacant floor space; then we have a package for you. Make your workspace vloggable; call now for a free consultation for office refurbishments in London and the home counties.

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