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April 20, 2023
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Shoreditch and London City Centre office refurbishments
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Office Fit Out Contractors London City Refurbishment Company

Office Fit Out Contractors London City Refurbishment Company

Office Fit Out Contractors London City Refurbishment Company

Are you looking to revamp your office with modern interior design trends but need help figuring out where to start? See how to seamlessly incorporate stylish mid-century designs into your workspace to stay up-to-date with modern times and work practices.

Interior design trends are evolving to meet the changing workplace environment. The benefits of a well-designed workspace are becoming more apparent, as productive workspaces have been shown to increase worker productivity, motivation, and better mental health.

In this post, we’ll explore how interior design trends adapt to these changes and how they can revolutionise the modern workplace.

Adapting Interior Design Trends to the Changing Workplace Environment

Home Comforts and Little Luxuries

As people spend more time in their workplaces, businesses introduce home comforts to their interiors. Comfortable seating, relaxing lighting, and cosy textures are a few of the little luxuries that can create a space that promotes well-being and helps employees feel more valued.

Implementing these changes has positively impacted morale and employee performance, as evidenced by leading companies such as Google. We go one step further and mention the trend for mid-century design; anything from the 50s through to the 70s has double appeal – firstly, the furniture items such as desks are incredibly well made, usually from solid wood and metal, but secondly, the style is perfect at creating a modern and comforting atmosphere.

Flexible Working

The rise of flexible working has significantly impacted interior design trends. Businesses must now create workspaces suitable for employees who come in at different times and complete their tasks from any part of the office. Flexible working has led to the introduction of various design elements, such as moveable partitions that can be easily moved to create customised workspaces for each employee.

An open-plan office is no longer fashionable or practical when staff members must concentrate and hold confidential meetings. Instead, businesses are now introducing various semi-private spaces that give employees the privacy they need while allowing them to collaborate when required.


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Quiet Heads-Down Zones and Innovative Additions

To enhance focus and concentration, quiet heads-down zones are incorporated into open-plan offices. Cushioned fabric and acoustic felt screens create these zones, reducing noise levels and promoting employee concentration.

Companies have found that these quiet zones increase productivity and improve the overall work experience while giving options. The modern workplace is rapidly changing, and interior design trends quickly adapt to meet these changes.

By incorporating comfortable seating, flexible workspaces, and quiet heads-down zones into the office, companies can create a workspace that employees want to travel to and continue to attend for part of the week.


Collaborative Spaces and Rebuilding Human Connection

The modern workplace promotes teamwork and collaboration through shared and collaborative areas. Teams are encouraged to use these spaces to create community, promote idea-sharing and foster communication.

Companies find these spaces increase workers’ productivity, engagement, and creativity. Other companies have even created break rooms with recreational games or comfortable seating to create a space for socialising and human connection.

Three years after the pandemic, people are less enthusiastic about working from home; a recent survey shows that the novelty has waned, and loneliness is why staff return to work.

While many do not want to return full-time, plenty of employees are happy to work in a hybrid fashion, and many are calling themselves hybrid TWaTs (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) in the office, making Thursday the new Friday and Monday the old Sunday.

Hybrid-Friendly Design

Hybrid-friendly design has become increasingly popular with the rise of hybrid working environments. Incorporating flexible seating arrangements and technology solutions are just a few examples of how businesses use hybrid-friendly features in their design.

A hybrid-friendly workspace is essential to employee productivity as it allows employees to seamlessly switch between (WFH) working from home and working at the office.


Sustainable Interior Design

There are many reasons to be sustainable, apart from the obvious. Adopting a sustainable building policy is good for our planet. It feeds into the cost of living crisis and the UK’s inability to locate goods, building materials and labour at an acceptable price.

Sustainability is an essential factor in the design of modern workplaces. Companies can reduce waste and protect the environment by using upcycled equipment and sustainable materials. These sustainable changes help attract environmentally conscious employees and promote a responsible and ethical business image while acknowledging the problems presented by the cost of living crisis.

Reducing the energy used in regular operations like lighting and air conditioning for office spaces can significantly impact costs. That’s why businesses are now investing in more efficient fixtures and equipment and utilising natural elements like sunlight to reduce energy use.

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Office Refurbs Help to Retain Top Talent

The UK is suffering from a lack of talent; people can fill more open positions, and office refurbishments are helping to retain top talent.

When companies invest in their offices, they show their employees that they value them by creating a comfortable, modern and inviting workspace that people may not have access to at home. Companies that provide these spaces are more likely to recruit and retain higher-calibre staff.


The Best Office Trends are People Led

The best office design is based on employee needs and also staff desires. After all, we spend a lot of time in the office, and it is vital that we feel comfortable and happy there, even if we are TWaTs.

Many companies are considering making the space more homely, with plants, natural materials, art installations and mid-century furniture – ultimately creating an environment where staff can be productive and thrive.

As the modern workplace evolves, interior design trends must adapt to meet these changes. By incorporating mid-century design elements, quiet heads-down zones, collaborative spaces, hybrid-friendly features, and sustainable materials into workplace designs, companies can create an office environment that employees want to travel to.

As a result of this trend, businesses experience increased productivity and employee engagement while reducing their environmental footprint. The modern workplace has never looked so fashionable or attractive and appeals to employees for more reasons than free coffee (although that is a significant benefit) and is sure to last the test of time.

The modern workplace looks back to look forward, to create an environment where staff can be productive, engaged and creative.


Office Fit Out Contractors London City Refurbishment Company

How To Create Psychologically an Appealing Office Design

Initial Interiors install everything you and your architects design, from Flooring SolutionsSuspended Ceilings to Lighting Installation and Tea Station/Kitchen design and installation plus a bespoke checklist for an variety of small works and associated gadget installations.

London Property Refurbishments Services for Landlords and Tenants

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The Convivial Office

The new buzzword in London office refurbishment and overhaul is Conviviality. It’s not a word you would think describes the efficiency and automation the modern workplace strives to provide, but it is the most friendly way to ramp up productivity and creativity.

Here, we will explain the whys, wherefores, and hows, so if you’re considering an office overhaul, you can include this vital element.


What Does Convivial Mean for Office Refurbishment?

To be convivial means to be friendly and lively, but how do we capture those qualities in a build? How do we design the concept of conviviality?

Simply put, it’s all about the inventive use of space and the furniture you put into that space. Let’s tackle the space first. Convivial workspace is not open plan; it’s cosy and inviting but professional and adaptable.

We love the flexibility of glass partitions; these give the impression of space while offering privacy. For example, the glass walls can be used as a whiteboard if a team needs to have an informal meeting or brainstorming session.

Suspended ceiling offer soundproofing and a warm feel to larger spaces. It also allows you to install lights and other office furniture that you can quickly move around or adapt as needed – perfect for teams who need an impromptu meeting space.

Portable soundproof booths are another option that can be used as a semi-private space for small teams and meetings.

Why Conviviality is an Under-Utilised Resource in Office Refurbishments

Anyone who remembers working in an office in central London in the 80s and 90s will remember how unfriendly and frankly frightening an experience it was. Offices were deliberately designed to be basic, unwelcoming and uncomfortable because work was work, and you weren’t supposed to enjoy it.

Men designed offices for men, and thankfully times have changed; along with that change, so have work practices and business ethos.

Convivial office design is about comfort and offers opportunities to collaborate, innovate, and be productive in a more relaxed setting. It also encourages creativity – because a convivial seating layout means people can brainstorm ideas without shouting across the room.

In short, convivial office refurbs bring joy back into the workplace and promote the idea of coming to work as a pleasure, which is a huge productivity boost to employees.


Change is Good for Businesses

Flexible working has been a critical element of reviving convivial office design. Flexible working encourages better work-life balance, with employees able to choose when they start and finish the day.

It also allows for more mobility in the workspace; people can move around freely and use different spaces as needed – even if that means just grabbing a few minutes of sun on the rooftop terrace.

Convivial seating and office furniture design also facilitate joined-up thinking. The layout encourages collaboration, with spaces for meetings around the perimeter, breakout zones for informal conversations, and shared desks to encourage teams to work together.

Change can be overwhelming, but you can’t expect different or better results by doing the same thing repeatedly because the result will be less impactful each time you do it. While these ideas are great in theory, it can be overwhelming to tackle a complete office build all in one go, so here are some ideas to help pave the way.

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Start Small and Work Up

Starting small and working up to a significant change is okay if your office space is entirely unworkable. You don’t need to overhaul everything all at once – start with a few simple changes like introducing flexible seating, updating the lighting, or adding plants.

Try a few ideas briefly to see how they are received before making any permanent decisions.


Take Calculated Risks

Look at the entire picture and work backwards from there. It’s vital to be open to new ideas, but it’s also important to be strategic.

Think of it as a long-term project – what do you want to accomplish, who is involved, and how will you measure success? Taking calculated risks rather than blindly jumping into the deep end gives you a better chance at success.

Be Adaptable to Create Resilience

How we work is constantly evolving – what worked yesterday might not be suitable for tomorrow. Instead of clinging to old ideas, embrace change and look for opportunities to adapt as circumstances evolve.

There’s no issue you can’t resolve if you ask the right question to the best people. Try asking, is there anything that can be done to make my commercial situation better? The answer is always yes.

Give yourself options; in the case of office fit-outs, we are the experts that can build a resilient workspace that creates opportunities. Click the link to find out more.

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Open Your Mind

Office refurbishments are an excellent opportunity to try something new – but don’t be afraid to listen to ideas that challenge your existing beliefs or practices. Open your mind, and you might find a better way of working that benefits everyone involved.

Introducing convivial office design into the workplace is good for productivity and can also help boost morale and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for employees. Be bold, and don’t be afraid to try new ideas – the rewards could be huge!


Always Look Ahead

Even if you decide to refurbish your reception area or forecourt in the first instance, it’s worth thinking ahead because if you know what is coming, you can plan for change.

Let’s look at this example – the introduction of the new ULEZ scheme in August 2023, cars and vans over 16 years old or diesel vans over six years old will face additional charges to come into London; the knock-on effect will mean more people will rely on public transport or peddle power to get to work.

Thinking ahead means providing secure space for cycles and scooters and ensuring your staff have somewhere to store their belongings securely. It’s worth considering these changes and others to ensure you’re ready for the future, whatever it may bring.

At Initial Interiors, we understand that change can be daunting, but with careful planning and the proper guidance, you don’t have to tackle it alone. We make change work for you!

Innovative Design Ideas That Comply with Regulations: Office Fit Out London

According to commercial office surveyors, the market remains competitive, so much so that many commercial office spaces currently under construction have been pre-let. The pre-letting off plan demonstrates a strong demand for Modern office space.

 The key word here is ‘modern’; RICS Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors says office vacancies were down from over 6% last year to under 6% this year, suggesting tenant acquisitions of new leases are improving. 

These figures relate to recently renovated or recently built office facilities; the figures are not so bright for office accommodation that has been neglected and not recently modernised, as businesses and investors prioritise modern facilities that incorporate energy-efficient heating and lighting systems over those that don’t. 

Cost efficiency is one of many reasons tenants opt for new or recently refitted office space. Employers know that they must provide an incentive to attract the right staff back into the office. The workspace must be impressive enough to appeal to those who prefer working from home or use a hybrid working method.

The most significant change for landlords is the emphasis on sustainability and green building lead practices; these practices will become law for commercial buildings in 2025. Landlords in London who choose to ignore these regulations could face fines but will almost certainly find it challenging to compete for top-tier occupiers.

It’s encouraging to see that the trajectory faces upward with developers planning new inner-city commercial spaces that will shape the future of modern work practices. We understand the theory behind the need to upgrade your office; let’s look at some initiative design ideas for your next office refit. 

Maximising Space and Productivity with Workplace Fit Outs

Before starting any fit-out process, planning the space to maximise advantage is a good idea. A well-planned office fit-out increases productivity by providing a comfortable work environment that improves the overall functionality of the space.

To do this successfully, you must consider the office’s floor space, the number of employees likely to take up the space, and the nature of the work to be done there to ensure easily accessible office traffic flow.
Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can consult an expert or engage a designer, but most importantly, find a sustainable contractor to carry out the building work. Experts in this field are the best place to advise landlords and building owners on all the related subjects.

Creating dedicated areas for different activities to promote productivity, including brainstorming and collaboration, is worth considering. It’s vital to include focused work areas when quiet concentration is required. Break-out spaces and relaxation areas that employees can access to enjoy some downtime.

Adding showers, changing areas, and safe bike storage is a significant advantage to businesses that want to encourage their employees to cycle to work, walk or use public transport.

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Sustainability in Your London Office Fit Out

The UK government wants to achieve zero carbon emissions in London by 2050, so being sustainable will significantly impact all office refits from 2023 into 2025. There are already several regulations in place, and compliance is a must.

Regulations that affect office refit or refurbishment include an EPC (energy performance certificate and MEES (minimum energy efficiency standards) as well as an ESOS (energy saving opportunity scheme). The government will implement more regulations over time so that commercial office spaces meet the minimum energy efficiency standard by 2030.

Landlords, tenants, and occupiers agree that decarbonisation is the way forward to reducing the environmental impact of any office refurbishment. New leases often expect landlords to employ contractors who commit to using sustainable materials, include renewable energy in the build, and include enhanced recycling initiatives.

Choose materials that are made from recycled or sustainable materials is a great starting point, and contractors can choose to use the following:

Use low-VOC paints and finishes that are non-toxic and emit fewer pollutants.
Install energy-efficient lighting and appliances.
Consider using green roofs with recycled watering systems to comply with the new 10% biodiversity quota applicable by the end of 2023.
Installing solar panels and heat pumps.
Installing moveable recycled glass interior room partitions and doors that keep the heat in or area cool, depending on requirements
Modern suspended ceilings for noise reduction
Recycled flooring for aesthetics, noise reduction, and heat transference.

These are just some ideas the designers at are well placed to advise on using sustainable building ideas.


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Creating a Healthier Workplace Environmental Focused Fit Outs

Experienced contractors can do many things to improve your office environment, making the workplace happier, healthier, and compliant with the new regulations.

Improve the air quality in your office by using low-energy air purifiers or plants. Plants especially add to the biodiversity quota.
Reduce noise pollution by installing soundproofing materials or using acoustic panels; these panels can double up as heat reflectors and insulation.
Create a comfortable temperature environment by using smart thermostats or fans. Making sure the windows are open.
Automatic blind installation that blocks out the sun at the hottest time of the day.
Provide access to natural light and views where possible.
Installing smart electric systems that turn off appliances that sit on standby for more than an hour.

The Importance of Sustainable Lighting in Office in Workplace Fit Outs

Lighting is one of the most significant energy users; the best lighting can make or break an office atmosphere, making it easy to be productive or creative. Consider the following:

Use task lighting to provide adequate lighting for specific tasks, such as computer work or reading.
Use ambient lighting to create a comfortable, creative, and relaxing atmosphere.
Use low-energy accent lighting to highlight certain features in the office, such as artwork or architectural details.
Use smart lighting that can be automated to save energy.
Replacing old light fittings with energy-efficient LED fittings will make significant savings, and replacing regular bulbs with long-life energy-saving bulbs is a must to get your office space to comply with all the regulations.
Government Levelling-Up of Commercial Property

The introduction of EPC, MEES, and ESOS are just some of the regulations or changes the government is expected to hand down to commercial office buildings and retail spaces landlords. The Levelling-Up and Renergation Bill will implore landlords to make changes or force building owners to comply.
The Levelling-Up Bill means the local authorities can make compulsory purchases or rental auctions to let out the building. This legislation does not require the owner’s consent. Considering all these things, an office refit or overhaul may be cheaper than leaving your building empty.


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